• Where and how to find and book an inexpensive hotel for recreation?

    Usually we are looking for the hotel we need, using two hotel search systems - Hotellook and RoomGuru , as well as Booking and Airbnb booking services , comparing prices and choosing the most advantageous and suitable for all parameters option...

  • How to find and buy the cheapest tickets?

    Buy a plane ticket today is easy. Do you remember how much time, energy and nerves it took to purchase them earlier? A multi-kilometer queue at ticket offices for the sale of air tickets (especially in the season) and their limited number? And if you lived in a small town or village, additional expenses and time for the trip were added here...

  • Hidden New York City: Amazing Off The Beaten Path Ways To Visit Like A Local

    New York City boasts more must-see attractions than we can name, but there’s a hidden side of the Big Apple filled with unique experiences and off-the-beaten-path things just waiting to be discovered...

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Exclusive | The World Is My Big Book With Airbnb

Exclusive | The World Is My Big Book With Airbnb

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page," Augustine said of the hippo once. I firmly believe that we all have created an instinct to travel. Countries will not be discovered, countless tests will be tested, and food concepts will not be invented without these courageous and adventurous people who travel.

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page."?
 Augustine of the Hippo

I firmly believe that we all have created an instinct to travel. Countries will not be discovered, countless tests will be tested, and food concepts will not be invented without these courageous and adventurous people who travel.

I may not be traveling like most self-marked travelers do. Although I am sorry for that, I am always optimistic one day, and I and my family will be able to explore the country more than some destinations of our dreams abroad. At the moment, we are only pleasing ourselves by trying to discover new places within the city. They still think, I think. Then once in a while, when we allow the budget, we try to check in for a night stay at a hotel. Fortunately, Manila has a very wide offer when it comes to hotels, from economic hotels to expensive hotels. We're trying to pick those in the middle.

The most distant place we have traveled so far is HongKong and the nearest place we stayed was at the Great Eastern Hotel in Quezon. Between those trips we sometimes make to nearby provinces such as Baguio, visits to many hotels, city sites, museums and toy shops. It is very easy to have more money and be able to go further, but as the saying goes, we must always live according to our possibilities. The important thing is that wherever we go, we always come with a piece of space with us, some good pictures and especially precious memories.

Cheap Travel

Many of my friends and relatives are surprised at times how we can afford to travel several times a year. We do not have that much income, we have monthly bills to pay and two daughters to send to a private school. I think the only secret is that I plan for the future, much forward as it was at least half a year ago. I have decided to put it in the list of relative censuses how we normally plan to facilitate your understanding.

1. Sit down with my husband and ask if he has specific plans during the year that we should consider if we want to travel. When each of us agrees that it is possible within the budget to provide some travel, it means that we can move on to step 2. It is important that couples decide together when it comes to family travel because in the end you will know where your money went and why you have the remaining amount Your savings.

2. Since I am now making sure that my husband wants to travel this year, I am now beginning to monitor cheap prices and hotels. Since becoming your blog, it's now easy for me to search and find promotions. This applies with practice I believe.

3. We start to go easy to spend and keep our consciousness always anytime soon, cheap airfares will be advertised, and we must have a budget for it.

4. When the air show arrives cheap, we pick it up and choose the best schedule when we can maximize the travel time we spend on the round trip. It's really good to be early (3AM) because I see promotions are faster than the public and I can easily access ticket sites. We also check the promotional destination of the destination so that we can provide more (buy 1, 1 bird preview) on our destinations (shows, museums, concerts).

5. We make flight itineraries early and we carefully check the maps to avoid delays. We also read travel and dining codes to find out the ideal places to eat and buy things.

6. When it comes to hotels abroad, we tend to exceed the price. Since we travel with children who are easily tired, we wanted accommodations that would give me more than the bed, especially shuttle buses. It is important that we can easily go and get out of the hotel to avoid delays in traffic or to be stuck because there is no taxi. We also enjoy extra comforts at the hotel where we can enjoy our stay (swimming pool, spa, jacuzzi, gym, play area, free breakfast, WiFi)

7. We travel to the light so we do not have to pay the baggage fees. We eat before and after travel, not during the trip. The food is very expensive

Airbnb Host

I recently discovered about Airbnb and when I read about it, I was reminded of "The Holiday" by Cameron Diaz, Jack Black, Jude Law and Kate Winslet. From my memory, the story revolves around these four characters, who live in separate places, do not know each other, and met when the girls decided to swap each other for change. With Airbnb, it allows members to advertise their homes and spaces to other people to stay in. They call it "hosting". There are stunning images throughout the site of various homes and all kinds of accommodations that you can imagine from all over the world. Potential hosts and guests can communicate with each other through the website and comments system. The hosts are then evaluated by their former guests according to their experience. I never thought I could rent condos cond forations!

Airbnb looks very promising to me and made me more optimistic than the best adventures for our family.Who knows, in the future, when I have my own comfortable home, I can also make money to host my place for new friends. On-site Airbnb, one can also create a wish list where they can / can assemble all dream accommodations. This wish list can be shared with friends. You can also see the most common places to stay and find out why. Create an easy account in addition to the verification process.

My wish list is accommodation from my family and I dream of going to it in the future, the same places where some of our friends and relatives are. They also want to visit them and see the beautiful places they have visited in their own countries. - Paris, USA, Canada, countries in Asia such as Singapore and Thailand. I have marked many places in the Philippines which I think they should definitely be on our plans in the near future. I did not expect to see these beautiful spaces inside the country with great reviews from their guests too!

"Airbnb connects people with unique travel experiences, at any price point, in more than 34,000 cities and 192 countries" - very true !!!

Why not try Airbnb yourself? This is the link to join. http://fas.st/Y6ZwWx

My family is still young and in our great travel book, I realize that we will flip one page at a time.

You can find more information on Airbnb, how you can travel cheaply with affordable accommodation, and how you can host your blank space to earn money to cover your travel expenses.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Hidden New York City: Amazing Off The Beaten Path Ways To Visit Like A Local

New York City boasts more must-see attractions than we can name, but there’s a hidden side of the Big Apple filled with unique experiences and off-the-beaten-path things just waiting to be discovered.

New York City is a busy place, full of interesting neighborhoods, places to eat, and enough things to do to hold the attention of even the most committed “see it all” visitor. Manhattan is the city’s inarguable hub—home to Broadway, Times Square and the 9/11 Memorial for starters—but the city’s other boroughs, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island, have their share of enticements. And if visiting the Statue of Liberty is on your New York agenda, then you will have also visited the city’s unofficial sixth borough, the state of New Jersey.

Visit New York Like A Local

The city boasts more must-see attractions than we can name (and let’s be honest, you probably don’t need our help identifying those!), but there’s a whole hidden New York filled with unique experiences and “non-touristy” things to do. From Harlem hip-hop walking tours and after-dark museum tours to off-Broadway theater shows, this post highlights some of the more authentic ways to visit New York City like a local. While its reputation as a city that never sleeps is a deserved one, sorting out a few details in advance about preferred sites to see (both the popular and hidden-gem types) will save heaps of time standing in line, particularly during the city’s busiest seasons: summertime and the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.

No matter what brings you to the Big Apple, TripAdvisor is here to help you plan your whole itinerary. When it comes to finding a place to stay, we check up to 200 booking sites to bring you the lowest price possible on New York City hotels. Plus, you can book all your New York City tours, activities, and attraction tickets right on our site, too! Our new 24-hour cancellation policy (on in-destination experiences) means you can pre-book before arriving, but still have the flexibility to cancel if your itinerary changes.

1. Explore New York culture in Harlem

A large neighborhood that starts at the north end of Central Park, Harlem is an important locale for New York’s cultural history. The birthplace of hip-hop and the epicenter of the eponymous Harlem Renaissance, Harlem is all about culture. Stop in at the Apollo Theater and stand on the same stage as Michael Jackson and Ella Fitzgerald, feast on the new soul food (a trend sweeping the city) at Sylvia’s, one of New York’s iconic restaurants, on this soul food and jazz evening tour—or sing along at a gospel mass at a local church to understand the neighborhood’s history and its enduring impact on American culture. Or rent a bike to explore Harlem’s streetside charms and architectural gems at your own pace.

2.Dig Deeper into New York life

Every building in New York has a story, and discovering hidden New York like a local takes chutzpah and a willingness to explore alleyways, once-hidden corridors, and neighborhoods off the beaten track. Hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers pass through Grand Central Station every day but few take the time to explore—or even look at—the gorgeous details of the recently renovated building. At a minimum, sit and have a coffee at one of the cafes at the top of the gran staircase and gaze at the star-lit ceiling while listening to an audio tour. Meet the ghost of Alexander Hamilton, said to inhabit parts of lower Manhattan, on a tour of the neighborhood’s spookiest places. Or dig in on what really happens when the lights are turned off at the American Museum of Natural History.

3. Go underground

New Yorkers know that the best way to move around town (and some of the best entertainment) is on the city’s efficient transit system. Head below ground to hear your next favorite band while waiting for the train. Explore New York’s role in ending slavery and the Underground Railroad movement. Ride the rails while learning about the subway and its ghost stations or check out the oldest railroad tunnel in the states, the Atlantic Avenue Tunnel in Brooklyn. Don’t leave New York without viewing the Oculus from deep within the World Trade Center Transportation Hub. You will never see the city in the same way again.

4. New York at night

New York has Broadway and the ever-brighter lights of Times Square, which are best seen from the top of a double-decker bus. Learn a few tricks for capturing the lights of the city’s most iconic buildings on a photo tour. Hang out with locals in one of the city’s smaller theaters like the Comedy Cellar or Astor Place. Take the subway to see a Yankees baseball game or NYCFC soccer game at Yankee Stadium (and enjoy a Gray’s Papaya hot dog along the way). Don’t miss the Brooklyn Heights Promenade and Brooklyn Bridge Park. These pocket parks are a green, scenic overture to a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and an easy way to capture gorgeous photos of the Manhattan skyline at night.

5. Art is where you find it

Perhaps the most non-touristy things to do in New York are found by simply walking. Everywhere. This gives you ample opportunity to discover graffiti art at 5 Pointz while exploring the flavors of Long Island City, Queens on this food tour, or stumble upon the tiny, 20- square-foot Mmuseumm in an old freight elevator in Cortlandt Alley off lower Broadway. Or walk the High Line, savor a bite on the shaded patio at Alta Linea, and stop in at the new Whitney Museum to see the very latest in American art. For a great walk on the less explored end of the island, walk north from the George Washington Bridge through Fort Tryon Park to visit the Cloisters. It’s an extension of the very popular Metropolitan Museum of Art and dedicated to the art of medieval Europe. It’s so peaceful here, you would never know this hidden gem was on the island of Manhattan. Getting off the beaten path in New York City is as easy as stepping outside and seeing where the sidewalk takes you!

Must-See Attractions

While visiting New York City like a local is fun, there are a few must-see things every tourist should do to make their New York experience a great one. These are the places locals take out-of-town guests, too.

Art Deco and the Empire State Building

Though visiting the Empire State Building like a local does not include a lift to the spire by the likes of King Kong or Superman, locals like to linger in the Art Deco lobby before heading up to the Observation Deck. The Second Avenue Deli is just a few blocks away and makes a great lunch stop before walking a few blocks north to the Empire’s Art Deco younger sibling, the Chrysler Building.

The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

Really, you must visit New York’s not-very-hidden twinned destinations, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Book well in advance and catch the ferry from New Jersey to beat the crowds that flock to see the enduring symbol of freedom, the green goddess, the one and only Statue of Liberty. Pair it with a visit to Ellis Island and the immigration museum to understand why one in six Americans has New York roots. Don’t rush—the exhibits at the museum are best enjoyed at a leisurely pace. To cover both famous sights in one swoop, consider this award-winning guided tour. It recently won TripAdvisor’s Travelers’ Choice award for “best cultural experience” in the world!

The Star Lounge at the Ritz-Carlton

New York is full of great interior spaces. Don’t let the hustle and bustle stop you from taking a pause to revel in the city’s grandeur. The Star Lounge at the Ritz-Carlton is classic New York in the best sense. The soaring ceilings cast a lofty gaze upon tufted chairs and wood-paneled walls wrapped in the warm glow of shaded lamps. The scene evokes Mad Men at their Manhattan-sipping finest. Whether your drink is a single malt scotch or a lime rickey, take a moment to sip while savoring the New York-ness of it all.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

How to find and buy the cheapest tickets?

Buy a plane ticket today is easy. Do you remember how much time, energy and nerves it took to purchase them earlier? A multi-kilometer queue at ticket offices for the sale of air tickets (especially in the season) and their limited number? And if you lived in a small town or village, additional expenses and time for the trip were added here.

With the advent of the Internet and special services to find air tickets, all these problems were solved overnight. Now the services that you can use when planning your travels and searching for air tickets are enough: Aviasales , Momondo, Skyscanner and others.

We prefer Aviasales and Skyscanner . Because they are convenient and understandable. Instead of a tedious, many-hour comparison of prices in different airlines - a quick search, a large selection and the best prices.

Why do we recommend Aviasales?

Because we tested in practice how this service works, and it seemed to us very convenient and reliable. Using this service, you do not pay additional commissions.

You receive quickly, at any time of the day and in any place (where there is Internet) a list of flights you are interested in for a specified time and in the chosen direction. 

How does the search engine work, and why can we trust it?

The system is designed in such a way that the search engine does not sell anything. He only helps us find what we need.

Aviasales deals with the search and comparison of prices for air tickets in 40 agencies, 728 airlines, 5 reservation systems. When choosing the right option, the search engine redirects you directly to the website of the agency or airline, where payment is made and the ticket is purchased.

This system does not fail, because all Aviasales partners are reliable, tested in the work and are carefully selected. So try it. It is not difficult to find cheap tickets with Aviasales.

What is a Low Price Card?

Imagine the situation: you have a certain amount of money you can spend on buying tickets, and some free days, but do not know where to go (to which country, visa or visa-free) to meet the budget. In this case, you will need a low price card .

Test your version and you will see where you can go so as not to empty your wallet, and the available amount of money would be enough to rest and return home.

To do this, you need to take several steps step by step:

  • Enter the name of the city from where you plan to fly
  • note, you fly only one way or the other way round (do you know that round-trip tickets usually cost less?)
  • note which flights to look for: direct flights or with transfers (by the way, direct flights are sometimes more expensive)
  • if you do not want to do visa processing, you can also specify it, and the search will be conducted only on visa-free countries
  • choose the date of travel (you can simply specify the time of year, month or weekend)
  • the duration of the trip (how many days are coming)
  • the amount that they are willing to spend on the purchase of tickets.

Further, with the help of the search, find the cheapest tickets taking into account the entered parameters in different directions. Having decided on the direction, proceed to the study of proposals, which are collected for one country with the cost of tickets for each city.

Finally choosing what you need, go to the selection of the company to sell tickets and make out the purchase. Everything is very simple. A map of low prices for a few minutes, evaluating your options and opportunities, will choose for you the cheapest tickets and help you decide on the itinerary of your trip.

Low price calendar

In the "Low Prices Calendar"  you can compare the prices found by visitors to the site in the last 48 hours, with what you have found, to study the dynamics of prices for air tickets. In this section, all information on previous requests is collected, which are sorted by prices, countries and dates.

Analyzing the received data, it is possible to choose a ticket that is right for the price at the right place and at the right time.

Skyscanner - service for correct ticket search

The action algorithm, the process of booking and selecting tickets on the Skyscanner site differs little from the actions on Aviasales. Although, of course, there are special features and nuances.
Skyscanner has a chip: choosing the point of arrival / departure, it is not necessary to specify the name of a certain city. The system is looking for tickets and the name of the country at the same time for several cities. This is convenient if you do not care what city you arrive in. The system shows the cheapest tickets for the selected date by cities and airlines. We can only determine for ourselves the city of arrival.
The "Search everywhere" function will help if you have not yet decided on the direction and route. Using this tool, you can understand where and when it is most profitable to go on a trip from your city.
There are other tips on the site. For example, in the presence of several airports, you can choose the most advantageous option, book a ticket (one way or round trip), note which interests the flight - with or without transfers.
When selecting dates, the Price Calendar is useful (to open it, click on the "Depart" and "Back" fields). For those who are free to choose dates - this is a real find. In advance, you can choose the best ticket by using the search for the month (button "all month").
But even if you need a specific date, by clicking on the desired date on the calendar and clicking "Search", you find yourself on the page with the search for the cheapest tickets. Search results can be viewed in two ways: in calendar mode or as a table.
Skyscanner compares thousands of offers and selects the best options for you. We see the result of these searches in the form of a list of all flights. Further, using a variety of filters (flight direct / with a transfer), a list of airlines, travel time, departure time (round trip) we choose a ticket that suits us in all respects.
Due to fluctuations in the exchange rate, it is now difficult to predict how the cost of air tickets will change. To be aware of the changes and catch the time to purchase a ticket, you can sign up for notifications and track prices. This is especially convenient for those who are planning trips for many months and have already decided on the direction and time of rest. By tracking and comparing prices for a certain period of time and direction, you can find the lowest ticket price.

How to save money and find the cheapest tickets?

Predict in advance when and how the cost of tickets will change, hardly anyone can. But there are certain patterns that are revealed in the study of statistics on ticket sales for several years.

  • The most obvious of them is to buy tickets as soon as possible. True, this simple rule is followed, oddly enough, not very many. Most of us buy tickets a month or two before departure, while significantly losing money.
  • We adjust to the seasonal decline in prices. The "low" season is November and the end of January - the beginning of February. And it's expensive and very expensive in the summer, for the May holidays and the New Year.
  • We use a suitable sale or share.
  • We monitor prices in the chosen direction and adjust to fluctuations in the exchange rate.

There are some more nuances, for example:

  • Buying tickets on certain days of the week and even hours. Tickets for early morning flights and mid-week flights are the cheapest. It is not necessary to book tickets from Friday to Sunday.
  • Prices may become more expensive closer to departure, if the direction is heavily loaded. And, on the contrary, they may become cheaper before departure, if the load is bad.
  • The cost of the ticket depends on the volume of traffic in the airplane (the larger the airplane, the more likely that tickets can be cheaper) and the number of flights in one direction (the more flights, the more competition).
  • Do not ignore night flights and small airports (having previously checked how far this airport is away from the city and what is the cost of the transfer, so as not to reduce the economy to zero).
  • Use the accumulated bonus miles (some airlines charge bonus miles for each flight) and the correct bank card (co-brand card), paying for the purchases, you can save bonuses, which can then be exchanged for a ticket.

And, of course, use meta-searches. This is the fastest, easiest and most effective way to find cheap tickets. Searching for tickets on the most popular Russian site-aggregator Aviasales and no less popular foreign search engine Skyscanner will help you to take travel planning under full control.

Where and how to find and book an inexpensive hotel for recreation?

We all know that one of the components of a successful trip is a good (in the sense of comfortable) and not very expensive housing.
On the one hand, it is not difficult to find it. To do this, it is enough to have a bank card and the Internet at hand to choose a service for hotel booking.
But here we are caught by a dirty trick. There are so many hotel reservation systems that even experienced travelers can hardly figure out what to give preference to without spending a fair amount of time to compare them.

But, fortunately, there are search engines that perform search on many booking systems.

Usually we are looking for the hotel we need, using two hotel search systems - Hotellook and RoomGuru , as well as Booking and Airbnb booking services , comparing prices and choosing the most advantageous and suitable for all parameters option.

How to find a hotel with Hotellook?

Hotellook - very simple and clear service. In order to book a hotel, it is enough to set the necessary search criteria (country, city, number of people, dates, type of hotel, services in the room) and the search engine will immediately give you a list of hotels.

And then, choosing the appropriate option, you get more information about this hotel through various booking systems that unite the search engine  Hotellook .

In order to make it easier to find a hotel to link to a certain place, you can use the map. With its help, changing some parameters (price, search radius, star rating, etc.), you can search directly on the "terrain".

What do I like about Hotellook?

  • It searches for 250,000 hotels in 205 countries and 10 reservation systems (processes offers from such well-known online booking sites like Acom, Booking.com, Expedia.com, Oktogo.ru, Ostrovok.ru).
  • For a few seconds can compare prices and find the most profitable option for living.
  • Can pick the right hotel for the price and location in the city (for example, if you need to stay in the city center or near any building, landmark). With the help of additional options, this can be done very easily.
  • In this service you can not only book a hotel, but also learn other useful information about the country (city).
In my opinion, the service is very convenient and saves a lot of time.

But this is not the only opportunity to search hotels on many reservation systems. The meta-search RoomGuru is a worthy alternative to the Hotellook search engine .

Hotels at the best price at RoomGuru

Service RoomGuru (as well as Hotellook) does not sell anything. He only searches for hotels according to your criteria, finds the best deals, compares the cost of the 30 most popular reservation systems in 220 countries. Agree, this is much more convenient than manually sorting out all the options.
From the list of hotels found you need to choose what is interesting. Next, we choose the most suitable room by the cost and conditions, comparing it in different reservation systems, but in the same hotel. Choosing one of them (according to the principle "the cheapest" or "the most familiar") we book and pay for the hotel.
Using the service is not difficult. On the main page - a simple and understandable form of search. Specify the location (the system offers different options: the name of the hotel (if you know it), city, country, region, region), dates, number of people living in the room. After filling in the form, we press the "search" button and get the result in the form of a list of hotels.
To facilitate the search, you can use filters and specify more precise criteria for selecting hotels. For example, you can specify the area of ​​interest we are interested in, the distance from the airport or attractions, sort by price, number of stars, rating, availability of pool, Wi-Fi, air conditioning and so on. On the contrary, if few hotels are proposed, some of the filters should be removed. Otherwise, nothing can stay on the list.
In order to understand where the hotel is located, you can use the hotel map. Clicking on the link "show on the map" under the name of the hotel, we get to the map and evaluate its location. And to get better acquainted with the hotel, go to his page, by clicking on the name. Here you can read about the hotel and how it responds, see photos, map and rating, choose a reservation system.

Booking a hotel on Booking.com

Booking - a popular booking system with a large hotel base for self-searching suitable options around the world. Especially many proposals for Europe.
The site is convenient to use: many filters, quick search. To book a room, go to the main page with the standard search form (choose Russian language). Then we act as usual. Fill the form (direction, dates), click "find" and select the desired option from the list (you can specify the location on the hotel map and use filters to narrow the search). Pay attention to the rating (well, if it is more than 7-8) and read real reviews.
On the hotel page you can find information about it, description and photos. And after a careful study of all the information we select a specific number. We click "book now", we fill in personal data in the hotel's language or in English and pay. After that, the address of our mail comes confirmation of the reservation.
Unlike search engines (where only a search is made), you can not only search for Booking, but also pay for the hotel. Conveniently, we immediately see the final amount (with all fees) for the entire stay, and when booking, you do not need to pay the full number.

Service Booking.com is  very reliable. With the registration of the Schengen visa, it is with this booking system that you accept the reservation for hotels.

Private apartments and apartments on Airbnb

Airbnb is a reservation service, thanks to which you can rent private accommodation (apartment, apartment, house, room) all over the world for the rest time. It is very convenient and economical if you are going to have a family vacation with your children (relatives) or friends with a big company. Instead of several rooms in the hotel - a large apartment for several people.

Airbnb helps local people earn a little money, and travelers save a lot. In addition, those who first rented accommodation from local residents receive a bonus in the form of a discount for the first booking.

It is not difficult to book accommodation on Airbnb. We operate according to the same scheme as we usually book hotels through various reservation systems. Search for housing is made by date, city and number of people. We get acquainted with reviews about the owner of the dwelling, contact him and clarify all the details and details. Then - we book, pay and get the address of the housing and the contact details of its owner.

Successful travel!