Saturday, July 28, 2018

Where and how to find and book an inexpensive hotel for recreation?

We all know that one of the components of a successful trip is a good (in the sense of comfortable) and not very expensive housing.
On the one hand, it is not difficult to find it. To do this, it is enough to have a bank card and the Internet at hand to choose a service for hotel booking.
But here we are caught by a dirty trick. There are so many hotel reservation systems that even experienced travelers can hardly figure out what to give preference to without spending a fair amount of time to compare them.

But, fortunately, there are search engines that perform search on many booking systems.

Usually we are looking for the hotel we need, using two hotel search systems - Hotellook and RoomGuru , as well as Booking and Airbnb booking services , comparing prices and choosing the most advantageous and suitable for all parameters option.

How to find a hotel with Hotellook?

Hotellook - very simple and clear service. In order to book a hotel, it is enough to set the necessary search criteria (country, city, number of people, dates, type of hotel, services in the room) and the search engine will immediately give you a list of hotels.

And then, choosing the appropriate option, you get more information about this hotel through various booking systems that unite the search engine  Hotellook .

In order to make it easier to find a hotel to link to a certain place, you can use the map. With its help, changing some parameters (price, search radius, star rating, etc.), you can search directly on the "terrain".

What do I like about Hotellook?

  • It searches for 250,000 hotels in 205 countries and 10 reservation systems (processes offers from such well-known online booking sites like Acom,,,,
  • For a few seconds can compare prices and find the most profitable option for living.
  • Can pick the right hotel for the price and location in the city (for example, if you need to stay in the city center or near any building, landmark). With the help of additional options, this can be done very easily.
  • In this service you can not only book a hotel, but also learn other useful information about the country (city).
In my opinion, the service is very convenient and saves a lot of time.

But this is not the only opportunity to search hotels on many reservation systems. The meta-search RoomGuru is a worthy alternative to the Hotellook search engine .

Hotels at the best price at RoomGuru

Service RoomGuru (as well as Hotellook) does not sell anything. He only searches for hotels according to your criteria, finds the best deals, compares the cost of the 30 most popular reservation systems in 220 countries. Agree, this is much more convenient than manually sorting out all the options.
From the list of hotels found you need to choose what is interesting. Next, we choose the most suitable room by the cost and conditions, comparing it in different reservation systems, but in the same hotel. Choosing one of them (according to the principle "the cheapest" or "the most familiar") we book and pay for the hotel.
Using the service is not difficult. On the main page - a simple and understandable form of search. Specify the location (the system offers different options: the name of the hotel (if you know it), city, country, region, region), dates, number of people living in the room. After filling in the form, we press the "search" button and get the result in the form of a list of hotels.
To facilitate the search, you can use filters and specify more precise criteria for selecting hotels. For example, you can specify the area of ​​interest we are interested in, the distance from the airport or attractions, sort by price, number of stars, rating, availability of pool, Wi-Fi, air conditioning and so on. On the contrary, if few hotels are proposed, some of the filters should be removed. Otherwise, nothing can stay on the list.
In order to understand where the hotel is located, you can use the hotel map. Clicking on the link "show on the map" under the name of the hotel, we get to the map and evaluate its location. And to get better acquainted with the hotel, go to his page, by clicking on the name. Here you can read about the hotel and how it responds, see photos, map and rating, choose a reservation system.

Booking a hotel on

Booking - a popular booking system with a large hotel base for self-searching suitable options around the world. Especially many proposals for Europe.
The site is convenient to use: many filters, quick search. To book a room, go to the main page with the standard search form (choose Russian language). Then we act as usual. Fill the form (direction, dates), click "find" and select the desired option from the list (you can specify the location on the hotel map and use filters to narrow the search). Pay attention to the rating (well, if it is more than 7-8) and read real reviews.
On the hotel page you can find information about it, description and photos. And after a careful study of all the information we select a specific number. We click "book now", we fill in personal data in the hotel's language or in English and pay. After that, the address of our mail comes confirmation of the reservation.
Unlike search engines (where only a search is made), you can not only search for Booking, but also pay for the hotel. Conveniently, we immediately see the final amount (with all fees) for the entire stay, and when booking, you do not need to pay the full number.

Service is  very reliable. With the registration of the Schengen visa, it is with this booking system that you accept the reservation for hotels.

Private apartments and apartments on Airbnb

Airbnb is a reservation service, thanks to which you can rent private accommodation (apartment, apartment, house, room) all over the world for the rest time. It is very convenient and economical if you are going to have a family vacation with your children (relatives) or friends with a big company. Instead of several rooms in the hotel - a large apartment for several people.

Airbnb helps local people earn a little money, and travelers save a lot. In addition, those who first rented accommodation from local residents receive a bonus in the form of a discount for the first booking.

It is not difficult to book accommodation on Airbnb. We operate according to the same scheme as we usually book hotels through various reservation systems. Search for housing is made by date, city and number of people. We get acquainted with reviews about the owner of the dwelling, contact him and clarify all the details and details. Then - we book, pay and get the address of the housing and the contact details of its owner.

Successful travel!