Thursday, September 6, 2018

Exclusive | The World Is My Big Book With Airbnb

Exclusive | The World Is My Big Book With Airbnb

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page," Augustine said of the hippo once. I firmly believe that we all have created an instinct to travel. Countries will not be discovered, countless tests will be tested, and food concepts will not be invented without these courageous and adventurous people who travel.

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page."?
 Augustine of the Hippo

I firmly believe that we all have created an instinct to travel. Countries will not be discovered, countless tests will be tested, and food concepts will not be invented without these courageous and adventurous people who travel.

I may not be traveling like most self-marked travelers do. Although I am sorry for that, I am always optimistic one day, and I and my family will be able to explore the country more than some destinations of our dreams abroad. At the moment, we are only pleasing ourselves by trying to discover new places within the city. They still think, I think. Then once in a while, when we allow the budget, we try to check in for a night stay at a hotel. Fortunately, Manila has a very wide offer when it comes to hotels, from economic hotels to expensive hotels. We're trying to pick those in the middle.

The most distant place we have traveled so far is HongKong and the nearest place we stayed was at the Great Eastern Hotel in Quezon. Between those trips we sometimes make to nearby provinces such as Baguio, visits to many hotels, city sites, museums and toy shops. It is very easy to have more money and be able to go further, but as the saying goes, we must always live according to our possibilities. The important thing is that wherever we go, we always come with a piece of space with us, some good pictures and especially precious memories.

Cheap Travel

Many of my friends and relatives are surprised at times how we can afford to travel several times a year. We do not have that much income, we have monthly bills to pay and two daughters to send to a private school. I think the only secret is that I plan for the future, much forward as it was at least half a year ago. I have decided to put it in the list of relative censuses how we normally plan to facilitate your understanding.

1. Sit down with my husband and ask if he has specific plans during the year that we should consider if we want to travel. When each of us agrees that it is possible within the budget to provide some travel, it means that we can move on to step 2. It is important that couples decide together when it comes to family travel because in the end you will know where your money went and why you have the remaining amount Your savings.

2. Since I am now making sure that my husband wants to travel this year, I am now beginning to monitor cheap prices and hotels. Since becoming your blog, it's now easy for me to search and find promotions. This applies with practice I believe.

3. We start to go easy to spend and keep our consciousness always anytime soon, cheap airfares will be advertised, and we must have a budget for it.

4. When the air show arrives cheap, we pick it up and choose the best schedule when we can maximize the travel time we spend on the round trip. It's really good to be early (3AM) because I see promotions are faster than the public and I can easily access ticket sites. We also check the promotional destination of the destination so that we can provide more (buy 1, 1 bird preview) on our destinations (shows, museums, concerts).

5. We make flight itineraries early and we carefully check the maps to avoid delays. We also read travel and dining codes to find out the ideal places to eat and buy things.

6. When it comes to hotels abroad, we tend to exceed the price. Since we travel with children who are easily tired, we wanted accommodations that would give me more than the bed, especially shuttle buses. It is important that we can easily go and get out of the hotel to avoid delays in traffic or to be stuck because there is no taxi. We also enjoy extra comforts at the hotel where we can enjoy our stay (swimming pool, spa, jacuzzi, gym, play area, free breakfast, WiFi)

7. We travel to the light so we do not have to pay the baggage fees. We eat before and after travel, not during the trip. The food is very expensive

Airbnb Host

I recently discovered about Airbnb and when I read about it, I was reminded of "The Holiday" by Cameron Diaz, Jack Black, Jude Law and Kate Winslet. From my memory, the story revolves around these four characters, who live in separate places, do not know each other, and met when the girls decided to swap each other for change. With Airbnb, it allows members to advertise their homes and spaces to other people to stay in. They call it "hosting". There are stunning images throughout the site of various homes and all kinds of accommodations that you can imagine from all over the world. Potential hosts and guests can communicate with each other through the website and comments system. The hosts are then evaluated by their former guests according to their experience. I never thought I could rent condos cond forations!

Airbnb looks very promising to me and made me more optimistic than the best adventures for our family.Who knows, in the future, when I have my own comfortable home, I can also make money to host my place for new friends. On-site Airbnb, one can also create a wish list where they can / can assemble all dream accommodations. This wish list can be shared with friends. You can also see the most common places to stay and find out why. Create an easy account in addition to the verification process.

My wish list is accommodation from my family and I dream of going to it in the future, the same places where some of our friends and relatives are. They also want to visit them and see the beautiful places they have visited in their own countries. - Paris, USA, Canada, countries in Asia such as Singapore and Thailand. I have marked many places in the Philippines which I think they should definitely be on our plans in the near future. I did not expect to see these beautiful spaces inside the country with great reviews from their guests too!

"Airbnb connects people with unique travel experiences, at any price point, in more than 34,000 cities and 192 countries" - very true !!!

Why not try Airbnb yourself? This is the link to join.

My family is still young and in our great travel book, I realize that we will flip one page at a time.

You can find more information on Airbnb, how you can travel cheaply with affordable accommodation, and how you can host your blank space to earn money to cover your travel expenses.