Welcome to Indonesia! Get Your Visa on Arrival

 Good news comes to travelers around the world! Indonesia has open to tourism 

To receive VoA, visitors are required to have:

The passport that is still valid for a minimum of 6 months (starting from arrival in Indonesia)

A return ticket or a ticket showing you will leave Indonesia after 30 days

Costs 35 USD for VoA.

VOA allows visitors to stay in Indonesia for 30 days instead of 1 month. The calculation starts on arrival in Indonesia and ends on the day of departure. If visitors need additional time, a 30-day visa extension can be made. However, the extension can only be once and cannot be extended for additional time. If you stay longer than your VoA validity period, you will be fined.

Welcome to Indonesia! Get Your Visa on Arrival

The process of getting a visa on arrival in Indonesia

The process of obtaining a visa on arrival in Indonesia is very easy and simple. Follow these steps:

1. Travel to Indonesia and arrive at the airport of choice (make sure the airport can process the implementation of the visa on arrival)

2. Upon arrival, find the Visa on Arrival counter & queue

3. Wait to receive the visa on arrival & pay the fee

4. Proceed to the immigration counter & show your passport to be stamped

On the plane, each passenger will receive an immigration card (Departure & Arrival Card) to be filled in from the data in the passport, flight details & address in Indonesia (hotel or where you are staying). Each passenger will also receive a customs declaration card, which the officer will collect when leaving the airport.

You can check if your country are registered for VoA

 in Indonesia in shown picture below

Starting now you can plan to come to Indonesia based on your hobby. Perhaps you can start your journey from Bali as your first trip and then you can move to the east of Indonesia to enjoy the marine park.

Welcome to Indonesia! Get Your Visa on Arrival

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