4 Marvelous Animals in Tangkoko Wildlife Tour

Tangkoko Wildlife-  Are you interested to jungle trekking? Macaque? You can try to explore the jungle that located in Bitung City, which is Tangkoko. A pleasure to experience by yourself to know plants and also animals with their unique habitats. The jungle itself provides you not only for one species. These are exotic animals and Icons inside of Tangkoko jungle.

These Animals are Well Known and Popular Among Tourist

1. Tarsius

This animal has been an exotic animals and the jewel of tangkoko jungle. Most of visitors know this animal as one of a "smallest monkey in the world". In the other hand, tarsius is one of the small leaping primate with the region of South east Asia such as, in Indonesia and also philipines. Of course as it is said "small", The size of an adult of tarsius is only as big as an adult fist. The baby of tarsius is as big as thumb of an adult. Because of this, many people would like to go and experience by themselves to see the nest of tarsius and also with its family in the tree. 

Tarsius, Marvelous animals in Tangkoko
image : by @attengganta

Tarsier lives in a hole of a tree, but mostly you can these exotic animals inside of ficus tree. With characteristic as a nocturnal animal, tarsier being active at night and hunt grasshooper with their primary predators are snakes, owls, big lizards. 

In 90's these poor animals smuggled to other countries like China or else to make them as a pet or only for collection of exotic animals. Unfortunately they are died because of the climate itself and not an appropriate treatement by the collectors as tarsier becomes stress


2. HornBill

A lovely bird and known with the name Red-Knobbed Hornbill (Rhyticeros Cassidix). It is found in a big tree and difficult to get the picture of it. Meanwhile if it's mating season is over, this is a very great moment to see these birds. The reason is because the female will find hollow in a tree to make her nest. So the male will feed the female during this period. The female will stay inside the hole while covering the hole with dirt and mud. Hornbill hunts snakes, mouse, bats and fruits in the jungle.

Marvelous Bird, Red Knobbed HornBill
image : by @ attengganta

3. Kuskus

Eventhough it is pronounced as the name of the food (because mos t of the people get it worng), it as animal with the pocket. Yes. It is one of the marsupial animal. In North Sulawesi itself, you can find in tangkoko jungle. Kuskus Beruang or usually we call this as "Sulawesi Bear", it walks very slowly and hanging in the high trees branches. 

4. Black Macaques

This funky monkey is a well known with the local name "Yaki". Local people call it as a funky monkey because it's crested. Its name is Crested Black Macaque and is the biggest macaque in Sulawesi island. macaque usually in a group of 20 pack with one alpha. Macaque's predators are snakes (phyton) and human. 

Yaki, Black Macaques Monkey
image : by @attengganta

If you take this tour, these four animals that a " must see" in Tangkoko Jungle. Try to get into the tour not in the rainy season or check the weather first so you won't disappoint if you cannot see any of these animals.

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