Batu Angus, A "Must See" of Rocks Sea in Bitung City

 Batu Angus, A "Must See" of Rocks Sea in Bitung City

Batu Angus

Batu Angus- Located in Bitung City at Makawidey subdistrict next to tangkoko nature reserve, Batu Angus Nature reserve offers a beautiful landscape of the cooled lava rock when it was an active volcano. The area covers around 648,57 hectares and is home to endemic species of North Sulawesi. Such as Hornbill, Black Macaque, and the fabulous Tarsius. This marvelous nature-made place can be reached by car/motorcycle from the capital of Bitung city or by boat. 

As a remnant of an active volcano before, you can do the hike or enjoy the scenery from the tree house which is quite simple and reachable for most people if they just want to get a picture of this place. If you choose to do hiking then you must be very careful as it has a quite steep climb. The guide will take you from the entrance and pass the local farming. You can see also the hut where the locals made copra. 

Once you arrive at the starting point of climbing, you need to make sure while climbing to always find a good grip on the rocks as you only find branches or trees when you get closer to the peak. That is why this tour is quite different from Tangkoko. In Tangkoko you don't have to climb but in here you need to climb to reach the peak around 1,099 above sea level.

On the top of the Batu Angus Mountain, you will be spoiled by the caldera and also the view of Lembeh Strait. Getting around the crater of Batu Angus, only takes 15 minutes. There are some fun things to do if you want to go down from the peak. First, you can do the easy way by walking down as it is full of gravels and sands vulcanic to the bottom or Second you can do slides. You need to take the leaves of the coconut tree make sure that the old one, sits on top of it, and slide to the bottom of the mountain. Be careful of the branches and use your feet as the break (It is quite fun for some people who like sliding, of course. Anyway it's a fun tour and you can try it).

When you are at the bottom of the mountain, you will walk through the savanna to the jungle. The guide will give you a signal if there are some signs of the animals like macaque or kuskus when inside of the jungle (Sulawesi bear). After some time in the jungle then you are taken to where the name of this area comes from which is Batu Angus (Burnt Stone or cooled Lava Rocks). The easy way, is you get the bridge to pass the area of this "rocks sea" or you can do the hard way get to the entrance gate by walking through it.

You need to be aware before when you decide to get this tour. If you are hoping to see the animals then you might be disappointed as the animals in this area are wild and different from Tangkoko. Like monkeys in Tangkoko nature reserve, you can get close to the monkeys and take a picture. Most of the animals in Tangkoko are get used to humans. The percentage to see the animals is above 70% but in Batu Angus nature reserves about below 50% to see the animals as most of them are wild and they will try to avoid you. The maximum range to see such monkeys, it's around 100 meters. But it doesn't mean that you don't have to take this tour. These are highlights if you choose to get this tour

  • The hiking route is unique and it takes around more than one hour the whole tour
  • Scenery of the landscapes are marvelous better than tangkoko when at the peak
  • "Rocks Sea" or Batu Angus Area is a "must see" if you are landscape photographer

 Batu Angus, A "Must See" of Rocks Sea in Bitung City

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