Bunaken National Park

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Bunaken National Park

 Bunaken National Marine Park is considered one of the world's top marine demesne and top diving destinations. Where is Bunaken National Park located? It is located in Manado, North Sulawesi Province of Indonesia. A marine park which has more than 390 variety of coral as well as numerous fish, mollusc, reptile and marine mammal. 

Bunaken National Marine Park is located at a place where surrounded of five small island such as Manado Tua , Bunaken , Siladen , Mantehage, and Nain island. Bunaken Marine Park on the total had the area measuring about hectares including the islet and further about 22 townlets with further then about residers. 

Bunaken National Marine Park had further also 70 diving points ( dive spots) with the depth that varied through to1.344 measures.With the number of the dive spot, it is only 35 dive spot that only visited frequently by the tourist . That was intriguing in the Bunaken National Marine Park was the actuality Aquatic Great Walls, that also frequently mentioned as Hanging Walls. Piecemeal from getting decor that was graphic to be seen, this Hanging Walls also came the source of food for fish in waters around the Bunaken Island. 


 Bunaken National Marine Park is geographically included in the waters of"Golden Triangle" area is a home of more than 3000 kinds of fishes.Golden Triangle term is used to the area that connects ocean waters of Papua, the Philippines, and Indonesia. Because of its importance essence, not only government but NGO's also cooperate to run the conservation programme coral reefs and mangroves in the area of Bunaken. Coral reef conservation program aims to cover thousands of species of marine fish from extermination. 

Bunaken National Park

A veritably rich coral ecosystem covers utmost of Bunaken National Marine Park, dominated by fringing reef and hedge reef corals. A distinct point is a 25-50 metre perpendicular coral wall which is inhabited by 13 coral rubric. The seaweeds that can be plant then include Caulerpa, Halimeda, and Padina species, while the dominant seagrasses, in particular in the islets of Montehage and Nain, are Thalassia hemprichii, Enhallus acoroides, and Thalassodendron ciliatum. The demesne is also abundant in different species of fish, marine mammals and reptiles, catcalls, molluscs and mangrove. 


 The Bunaken National Marine Park had the mangrove timber ecosystem, padang lamun, the coral reef, and the landmass/ the seacoast ecosystem. The area of Bunaken National Marine Park timber was also rich in colorful prawns kinds, the grouser, the mollusc and colorful ocean raspberry kinds like the heron, the seagull and the ocean groove. Gotten by roughly 90 fish kinds and colorful mollusc kinds. Whereas the ecosystem of the landmass of the islets in the Bunaken National Marine Park was rich in beast kind similar as black Sulawesi monkey (Macaca Nigra), the cuscus (Ailurops Ursinus), deer (Cervus Timorensis) and the coconut crop, the win, sago. 

Thousands of divers come all over the world to explore the Bunaken National Marine Park, hoping to snap a picture of an eagle shaft, giant bone or perhaps indeed a black-tip wolf. The waters around Bunaken Island are so clear that excursionists can catch a regard of the amazing aquatic life without indeed leaving their glass- bottom boat. 


 Currently, the Bunaken National Marine Park has at least 50 places that are rich in dive with tropical fish and coral reefs. Guaranteed divers will be amazed with the uproariousness of this marine demesne. Tourist can see and choose the lodging directly from colorful resorts and home stay in the girding area.

Bunaken National Park 

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