Let's Learn Local Language !

Traveling to another country is not always about visiting tourist places, landmarks, or nature but also knowing the culture of the area will give us a hint of how the local people interact with each other. Travelers can begin by learning some of the simple conversations when you plan your vacation in North Sulawesi, Manado. Manado is known as the capital city of North Sulawesi Province. It has more than 450 thousand people and is a city with a diversity of cultures, foods, and lifestyles and there are lots of tourism places that you can explore not only in Manado. 

Source : Kabasaran by @opakalapaphotography

Learning Culture with Local Language

Maybe you have experienced before that when you speak in English or if you are caucasian you will find local people staring at you. Please do not be offended as for the local you are "different" and you will end up with the smile of the local while they say "Hi" to you and ask a picture with you.

Source : opakalapaphotography

As a city with mixed culture, the language has many words derived not only from the local but also from Portugese like cadeira means chair and Servet from Dutch like Servet means Napkin. Yes, for your information Manado was occupied before by portugese, Dutch, Spanish, and also Japanese. So lets start to learn some of the words 

General and Simple Words

Thank You        : Terima Kasih (Formal), Makasi (casual)

It's ok                : Tidak Apa apa

Don't                 : Jangan

Help                  : Tolong dank

Can You Help Me : Boleh bantu pa kita?


Hi                           : Hai

Good Morning       :  Selamat Pagi (Formal), Pagi (Non formal)

Good Afternoon (11:00 am t : Selamat siang (Formal), Siang (Non formal)

How Do You Do : Apa kabar?

I'm Fine : bae bae

Introduction & Direction

My name is                   : kita pe nama (your name)

These are my luggages : Ini kita pe barang

Where                           : Dimana

Where to go                  : kamana


I : Kita

You : Ngana

We : torang

They : dorang

He : tu laki laki

She : tu cewe (if girl), tu tanta (a married woman), tu ibu (if you don't know if married woman or not and also used to adress the polite way to the woman)

Once you arrive at the Sam Ratulangi Airport and your travel agent or resorts hasn't come yet or your guide, usually at the exit gate you can call the name of your resort or travel agent if they not arrive yet, people over there will try to help you out (Eventhough some people will try to offer rent car to you) 

image : lokon mountain by @opakalapaphotography

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