Traditional Market, " A lifestyle of Bargaining" of Locals

 Traditional Market, " A Lifestyle of Bargaining" of Locals

picture : Adi kamumu

Traditional Market - You have many places you can visit while visiting Indonesia and if you want to know how Indonesian people interact with each other you can go to the market which is the traditional one. The traditional market is common sightseeing if you take the highland tour when you are in Manado. This market still exists as a lifestyle of the locals where people bargain the price. Any kinds of goods such as spices, meats. Fishes, clothes, Fruits, traditional cookies, or rice you can find in the traditional market and even bushmeat.

While visiting the traditional market you need to be aware that the place is "not clean" and you can bump into local people but for sure when you bump into the locals you can say "Maaf" means Sorry. Each part of the market has its own section. For example, if you want to buy spices you need to go to the spices area but you cannot find any sign hanging written "Spices" like in the mall. So you need to find it by yourself by exploring inside the market. Once you found it, there are many options to choose which one is fresh and the price they have is negotiable if you buy a lot. 

Exploring The Market

Tropical fruit which is common to see in the market are coconut, avocado, nanas, banana, mango (seasonal), and durian (known as stinky fruit and seasonal). Palm sugar or brown sugar is also available in powder or the pack. Cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and chilis are important spices here. These spices are important for the locals and put in cooking like soup or any kind of traditional food served with Sambal (Chili Sauce).

picture : Adi Kamumu

You can try also to speak with the locals with simple greetings such as "Hai" (Hi) or say "Pagi" (Morning) or0 "Halo" (Hi). Most of the locals will be staring at you and smiling as they got excited if there is tourist try to communicate with them. This is the fun part, the local people will try to speak in English by saying "How Are You" and ended with "Can I take A picture with you?". You can say Yes or No to them but I would like to recommend, you can take a picture with them. The reason is when they have pictures with tourists from other countries it will become as a proud for them to have a communication with you but still the choice is yours.

Exploring inside the market, you will find some people making a loud noise. These merchants sell clothes called "Cabo". Cabo means second-hand clothes for example shirts, pants, trousers, socks, T-shirts and other things. So do not get surprised while entering the market and people shout at you. They are selling the clothes in a "different way". 

Souvenirs of Traditonal Market

Most of the tourists buy cloves, nutmegs, and brown sugar to take home as a gift for their families or just want to use it by themselves. Traditional cakes are made mostly from brown sugar and the cakes are fried. If you are vegetarian or have dietary requirements, would be better to ask your guide first what is the filling of the cakes. 

Anyway these are the highlights of the traditional market

  • Interact the locals by communicating with them in simple local language
  • Fresh Indonesian spices and fruits you can buy directly with bargaining the price
  • Taste the local traditional cake with a strong flavor of brown sugar

Have Fun!


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