"Tulude", An Expression of Thanks To God

"Tulude",  An Expression of Thanks To God

 Tulude is an annual festivals inherited from the ancestors of the people from northern island of North Sulawesi Province these islands has five big island along with smalll islands around itu such as Sangihe, Talaud, and Sitaro islets. and northern part of North Sulawesi is known with name "Nusa Utara" (North Nusa). Located at the northern tip of North Sulawesi fiefdom. Tulude has been held for numerous times and is a sacred and religious traditional form performed by the Sangihe and Talaud ethnical communities. 

 This traditional form is held once a time, to be precise at the end of January, videlicet on the 31st. This event is also celebrated contemporaneously as a commemoration of Kab. Sangihe Islets. Moment, the Sangihe ethnical community holds a traditional Tulude form as a moment to express gratefulness to God for the blessings that have been given, both in the fields of marine and fisheries, as well as husbandry,etc. 

 Still, this Tulude form was formerly filled with colorful mystical effects or rituals, If viewed from a literal perspective. Still, with the entry of religion into the Sangihe community, especially Protestantism brought by the Dutch, these mystical effects gradationally shifted into religious fests. Indeed so, some Sangihe people still believe in so- called evil forces, mystical or occult effects. 

Literally, Tulude can be interpreted to launch or release commodity so that it slides down from a height. Also, this word undergoes an expansion of meaning into letting go, launching, defying, or pushing. In this case, Tulude means letting go of the old time and getting ready for the new bone. (1) 

 Tulude in Sangihe comes from the word"Suhude"which means Reject, this means rejecting the old time and being ready to accept the new time. WhileMandullu'u Tonna in a narrow sense if the language of the people of TalaudMandulu'u is"Lanttu"to refuse or leave. While"Tonna"is"Year". Tulude orMandullu'u Tonna is analogous to a artistic festivity of gratefulness for the people in Minahasa. In addition, it's also a medium of communication between the societies of the Sangihe and Talaud people, which contains gratefulness. Numerous noble values were inherited by the ancestors, similar as ethical, moral, and nationalistic values 

"Tulude",  An Expression of Thanks To God

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