Eastern Jewel of Tourism Destination in Indonesia

dodola island

Marvelous, attractive, and fabulous. Three words that can describe what Indonesia is. Blessed with more than 20,000 thousand islands and located on the equator line gives numerous flora and fauna. If you have visited Bali before, you should try to visit the eastern part of Indonesia which are the islands of  Moluccas, Sulawesi, and Papua. Not only talking about one culture but Indonesia as a republic country consists of many of sub tribes with Bahasa as the National Language and with more than 200 local languages. Known as a paradise of diving let's say Raja Ampat is chosen as a place of underwater treasure. Diverse school of fishes, turtles, and much more. On the mainland, such as monkeys, birds, and other wild animals are offered in the "house of the jungle" where you can experience the jungle or you can visit the sanctuary or some zoo in a certain area of Indonesia.


This island has been known for a long time ago as a place with many various cultures, thick jungle, and some undiscovered areas. This island has two areas that belong to two countries. In western island belongs to Indonesia and the Eastern belongs to Papua New Guinea.


in the eastern part that belongs to Indonesia, there are various birds on this island and you can find some of the marvelous animals below

Cassowary Birds

This bird is aggressive and one thing for sure. Do not ever provoke this kind of bird. As one of most dangerous bird, Cassowary has shown a dangerous attack to human with their talon around four inches which can cause broken bones and even death. When this bird feels threatened, Cassowary will run at high speed with their talon first to attack the victim. Meanwhile, you can find in some local markets the bushmeat of this cassowary.

Birds of Paradise (Cenderawasih)

Named by the British people because of the marvelous feathers. This bird is used as a gift to the kings in Europe when people start to be aware of the existence of this bird around 15 centuries. Not only blessed with their appearance but also with their lovely voice and also dancing. But to see the beautiful dancing of this Cendrawasih you have to visit when it comes to mating season.


It is easier to find one of the big islands in Indonesia because it looks like the letter "K". The Sulawesi island from northern to southern lots of places that you can explore. Starting from the northern, you can start the journey to visit the Bunaken Marine Park in North Sulawesi province, Manado City. This Underwater marine park is known for the variety of coral reefs and has become the place the most visited area in northern part of Sulawesi.

If you are not quite interested in the water, you can explore a little bit southern which is the famous burial trails in Toraja Land or Tana Toraja. Tana Toraja is a regency is located on South Sulawesi island.

Tana Toraja

The majority of religions in this area are Christian and some are Muslim and also animism known as Aluk Do Tolo. So what is the interesting about this area? It is funeral rites, wood carving, and also burial area which is not in the ground but carved into the cliffs.

Ceremony of the death

The funeral rite in Toraja is based on the social status of the deceased and this ceremony is known as "Rambu Solo". The people of Toraja consider this as an important event for the deceased as Rambu solo needs to be done to "deliver" the soul to heaven otherwise the soul will rumble. The ceremony of the death itself is based on social status, it can be seen in the number of how many animals are sacrificed in the ritual. So let's imagine if the family sacrificed around 30 buffaloes, we can see how high the social status is. So that is why the ceremony will take time for the family because of the cost itself as buffalo expenses it is quite a number.

Why it must be buffalo to be sacrificed? the answer is this animal leads the soul to heaven. Once it is sacrificed, people will turn the body to the south. The reason is that Toraja people believe the buffalo and the deceased will travel together to the afterlife.

Ma'nene festival

This festival is also important for Toraja as This festival is for the cleansing corpse. This rite is to dig up the corpse which has been mummified when the person dies. They clean the corpse, dried it and put on the dress nicely. Ma'nene festival is an event must see without fixed dates but mostly takes at the end of august every year.


Spices, beaches, White sands, hot water springs, and other things you can see on Moluccas or Maluku (Bahasa ) island. The island of Maluku is consist of one mainland and a lot of small islands around it. European People already knew this island as a source of spices such as nutmegs and cloves.

Not only with the spices, in the southern like Obi island lies a mining company of Harita which is focussing in Nickel Mining. In the Moluccas also has NHM (Nusa Halmahera Minerals) this company is focussing on gold mining.

if you are interested to see the natural waterfall or white sands, you can explore to Morotai Islands. You can begin your journey with these two tourist object

Dodola Islands

Located in the Morotai regency and blessed with white sands where you can enjoy the crystal clear water around this island. Dodola consists of Big Dodola island and Small Dodola island. These two islands are connected by white sands when it is low tide as the sands will merge.

where is Dodola island
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morotai dodola island
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Raja Waterfall

Morotai island is not only about waterfall or historical monument of WWII but it also has Waterfall. There are some waterfalls such as Nakamura waterfall and Raja waterfall. With natural beauty and also quite hidden in the forest, this Raja waterfall offers you the experience of refreshing water and clean. This place spoiled the visitors with the view of the "beauty of hidden waterfall" as it lies in the middle of the forest.

where is raja waterfall
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hidden raja waterfall
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So now at least you have a big picture of where you will go to the eastern part of Indonesia. Especially in Papua Island, Moluccas Islands, or Sulawesi island. Get ready your backpack and book your flight

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