Manado, "The City of Tolerance in Eastern Indonesia"

Manado, The City of Tolerance in Eastern Indonesia

Manado, The City of Tolerance in Eastern Indonesia
Manado City Street

A brief of Manado

When you visit North Sulawesi province and arrive at International Sam Ratulangi airport you can see the view of Manado city welcoming you. Manado is a capital city of North Sulawesi. With people more than 450 thousands lives in it, Manado is already become an interesting city to explore starting from Historical area until cullinaires. More than 300 years old, the city has a lot of stories since from the Netherland occupied this area around 16 centuries until the World War II in 1942. 

A City of Tolerance

The name of Manado itself comes from the local language from Sanger Tribe and from the word “Manarou” means far away or “a distant land”. Blessed with nature and variety of sub etnic people are mixed together. This City is a symbol of harmony of religions in North Sulawesi province. As a mixed culture city, local people comes from the tribe of Minahasa, Sangihe, Moluccas and others. Majority religion in Manado is Christian around 61% and 31% is moslem with the rest of it another religion. Even though this city has majority of christian but the people respect and help each other. For example when it comes christmas, relatives and friends from another religions such as moslem or Budha they will come to visit the houses of Christian people or when it comes for Lebaran the christian people also do the same thing to the moslem by visiting their houses or even helping preparing the food. . 

Tourism Object in Manado

There are some of interesting spot you can visit while you are in Manado either in mainland or islands around the city. Check this out!


1. Memorial Monument World War II and Sentrum Church

This Monument is located next to Sentrum Church (Evangelical Church in Minahasa). As a symbol to remember the casualties of  World War II. The monument was build and design by architect from Netherland Mr.  C. J. Uit Den Bosch. The war that was known as the Pacific war by Japanese and United states in between 1945 to 1947. With the height 40 meter and 4 square around the monument and behind of it there was a bell tower that used to ring to remind the people about the church time. It is easy to find this place as it is located in the middle of the city. 

Next to the monument there is also SENTRUM church which is the oldest church in Manado. The church was built around 1677 by Ds. Montanus. In that time Netherland was the ruler of Manado. From this church also the influence of christianity began to spread in high land of Minahasa and islands around Manado.

2. China Town

This area can be called as an old Manado where you can find the houses with ornaments of chinese and also local market next of this area. Another interesting thing you can find in here? There is an old Budhist Temple around more than 300 years old. The first temple in Manado with the name of Ban Hin Kiong. The name of Ban Hin Kiong has a meaning A palace of God with abundance of blessing and just next to this temple is Guan Yu Temple. If you want to visit this temple you need to be careful as this temple located in one of the busy road. 

3. JAROD (Jalan Roda)

Jalan Roda or JaRod in english “ Wheel road” is a famous place of coffee in Manado. Most of the people in Manado already know this legend road. What makes so famous? there are two things interesting in here

Jalan Roda (JAROD) an original coffee shop
entrance of Jarod

  • A place of Hangout from many different background people
You can find a decent coffee shop in Manado like Starbucks but if you want to try the authentic place where you can meet local people and blend in it you can try this place.  A common to see in this area sometimes we can notice some important people from the government to have coffee in here. Discuss with new people  about politics, economy or just simple conversations or just play chess.

  • Kopi Stengah (Half Cup of Coffee)
The coffee served in Jarod is "Half Cup of Coffee". You can get black coffee or coffee with condensed milk but it will be served as a half cup. Its a local coffee where they buy in local market nearby this area. Most of the coffee in 

4. Jesus Blessing Statue (Citra Land)

Built in 2010  in a luxury residence of Citra Land residential area, this statue becomes as a symbol of christianity, harmony among religions and the spirit of tolerance. The height of the statue is 50 meters and made with steel along with metal fibre. There is a spot for the tourists so they can get the whole view of Jesus Blessing Statue   


1. Bunaken

This island has a marvelous marine national park more than 89 thousand hectares. Rich of species of fishes and corals make this island as “a must visit” when you are in Manado. To get to this area you need to get boat from the jetty called "Dermaga Jengki" in Manado. But if you booked a reservation in one of the dive resort Bunaken,  mostly they will arrange it for you. There are around 50 dives sites in Bunaken National Park. The local people in the island also rent dive gear, snorkle gear or wet suit. 

2. Siladen

Beaches and White sands. These two words can describe this island. Beautiful nature and also hospitality of the locals makes it complete when you visit this island. To get to this island you can rent boat for one way or you can contact your resort. If you want to camp, there are nice spots next to Onong Resorts with a beautiful view to the sea but you have to inform first to the chief of the village. Siladen island is small island and if you want to snorkeling, you can go to the jetty of the village. There are not much of local restaurant in this island so you need to be aware to plan your journey when you do camping in this island. Anyway you can walk around the islands when tide is low. It takes approximately one hour and you need to be careful cause sometimes the tide is increasing fast. 
So you can begin your journey to plan where you would like to begin to visit once you are in Manado. If you stay in one of dive resorts in Bunaken or Siladen Resort you can ask the staff in resort as they also offer the Manado SightSeeing Tour.

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