Things You Should Know About Manado

Planning to do trip to Manado? Most of the reason why people keep coming in Manado is doing diving in Bunaken Marine National Park.

There are flights direct to Manado or you can do also transit from Makasar if you flight from another area in Indonesia but I believe you can easily find in google or by app such as traveloka or

Diving Tourism resorts mostly are located close to dive sites such as Siladen Resort in Siladen island  which is included in Bunaken marine park and Lembeh Resort in Lembeh island which famous with the critters dive.

One thing for sure, before you step in Manado I think will be better to know who and how we interact among local and to tourist or foreigners.

These Are Few Things You Need to Know About Manado

things you should know about manado
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1. Socialize to Foreigners

We are locals are easy going people and would like to interact to foreigners. Manadonese tend to find and build friendship.

Most of the Manadonese they will stare at you first and then smile. Please do not be offended as this is how we try to find out where do you come from.

When it comes to conversation we will try to approach any foreigners. The reason is simple, we would like to practice our english!

2. Bule

What is the meaning of Bule? This term you can hear anywhere and it is all over Indonesia. "Bule" means white people or lets say foreigners and goes to european or outside of Indonesia.

Most of Manadonese when first time see foreigners or tourist, they will shout or whisper to their friends each other while saying Bule.

Just take it easy, it is not kind of offensive word but that is the way we call tourist from europe or another country.

When they call Bule you can respond by saying "Hi". When you visit village or some places, local people will ask to take a picture with you and that is another way how we make friends with tourist

3. Food

While staying in resort you can find no problem regarding for the food. It is quite different in the city. For your information if you are allergic to MSG or you are vegetarian, would better to discuss first with your guide.

Most of the local restaurant use MSG as a strength flavour and it is common in here to use in any kind of dishes.

Menu of vegetarian you can do pre order first in restaurant or if you travel without guide maybe you would like to avoid the restaurant with the name sign board "Minahasa". It is because this restaurant  mostly provide "extreme food" such as snake, rats, bats and dogs.


Eventhough it is quite rare to happen in Manado as Manadonese usually try to help the tourist but it also happen at the end in some places.

When you arrive at the arrival gate of the Sam Ratulangi airport, most of the driver will approach you and try to offer their price to you. I think it also happens in other country or area as well.

Prices sometimes becomes "higher" when you are Bule. This prices go up when you take public transport such as Mikrolet or when you visit the traditional market to buy something.

To avoid for the high prices you can try to "make a friend" first when you are in Manado and ask them politely how is the price of public transport or prices of herbs or fruits if you want to buy in the market.

As a traveler and also a tourist you need also to pay respect for the local behaviour such as stare at you and smile. It is easier to find a friend in Manado. But it doesn't mean we do not have to aware for some potential of thieves or another crime and always be smart travelers guys.


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